How many times is remember in the book of mormon

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how many times is remember in the book of mormon

How many times is the word remember used in the Book of Mormon - Answers

The coming forth of the Book of Mormon in the latter days is a fulfillment of the ancient promises that the Lord would send forth his truth across the earth. Its story is one of the most marvelous to be told involving both miracles and obstacles. The Book of Mormon now stands as a token of the new covenant that the Lord has established upon the earth in these latter days. The years following the first vision , the teenage Joseph Smith returned to the normal routine of life, but not without trouble. It was under these circumstances that the young Joseph sought the Lord in earnest prayer that he might know of his standing before the Lord.
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Five Problems with the Book of Mormon

how many times each word appears in the Book of Mormon, so I it easy for my son to remember the word he had read just moments ago.

“Remember the New Covenant, Even the Book of Mormon” D&C 16-23

But what is significant about this word remember? What was it I wanted them to remember? In stake conference he told the story of a man he counseled when he lived in Utah before coming to BYU-I. The man was in prison and had actually served as a missionary in the same mission as President Blanchard. I forgot my Savior.

In this blog, I share my personal gospel study and other items that may be of interest to friends and members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I appreciate thoughtful feedback and links to this site. Please email me at iamacoug at byu dot net. The easiest way would probably be to copy the entire list, paste it into Microsoft Excel, do a "Text to Columns" to split the numbers from the words, and then sort it on the numbers column. If you'd like, I could do that myself and then email the spreadsheet to you.

Every Monday morning, the faculty and staff gather in a classroom. We share a spiritual thought, recite the Pledge of Allegiance, and then we pray. Most often the focus of that prayer is on you. We pray for your success and an increase in our capacity and ability to help you be successful. We have had wonderful moments together on Mondays. Here is a little sidebar.

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Makes You Think Mormon Life. Recently, I experimented with diving a little deeper into the Book of Mormon, reading, experiencing, and examining it in an entirely new way—through text analysis. Before you tune me out, let me assure you the process is much more fascinating than it might sound. I took the text of the Book of Mormon not including chapter summaries that were added later and ran each book through a program that looks at everything from the most-used words and phrases in the text to its level of readability, number of characters, longest sentence Captain Moroni holds the record with a sentence of words in Alma , number of syllables, etc. It was also the most-used word of my last sentence.

In the KJV 'remember' occurs times. Altar appears times throughout Scripture. Altars appears 55 times. The word Shepherd can be found times in scripture. The word "desire" is in the King James Version of the Bible times.

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