How do you publish a comic book

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how do you publish a comic book

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Here at Image Comics we are actively seeking new talent—writers and artists alike—to join the creator-owned family. Thank you for your interest in submitting your work to us, please read our official submission guidelines below. Good luck! Image Comics only publishes creator-owned material. Please do not submit any work that utilizes already-existing characters—Image characters or otherwise—as they will automatically be declined. Image takes a small flat fee off the books published and it will be the responsibility of the creators to determine the division of the remaining pay between their creative team members.
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HOW to SELF PUBLISH: Comic Books, Journals, Writings - EASY METHOD - Professional DIY

Everything You Need to Know About Self-Publishing Comics

Comic books represent a huge part of our modern mythology. We all know characters like Spiderman, Batman or Wonder Woman who dominate comic book culture and their adventures have become a phenomenon among the comic book fans. There are a lot of reasons why you should self-publish a comic book. It will rarely happen that the major publishers such as Valiant, DC or Marvel hire a writer off the street, so self-publishing comics have been popular and changing an aging industry. However, thinking that self-publishing is here to put large publishers out of business is wrong. Be unique!

I grew up surrounded by some of the most powerful superheroes. Creating a believable alternate reality through the art of visual storytelling has always fascinated me. But it wasn't until recently that I decided to write my own comic book. As a storyteller, your best tool is a notebook whether it be electronic or paper. My advice: keep it with you at all times.

Bringing your art and characters to life through self-publishing has never been easier. Printing a small quantity of comic books for friends and family or crowdfunding for a large run? Want a traditional saddle-stitched stapled comic book or a perfect-bound graphic novel? Morris Publishing provides everything you need to publish the way you want. Our easy 5-step process transforms your hard work into an epic collection. We're proud to be one the few comic book publishers that prints in the U. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team is here to help you in your self-publishing journey.

If you've written and illustrated your own comic book, self-publishing can work for you too — if you know the right steps. Here's what you should consider as you.
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  1. Many writers and artists publish their comics themselves, meaning they have more control over the stories they want to tell.

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