Catholic prayer book for college students

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catholic prayer book for college students

Keeping the Faith: Prayers for College Students: Kerry Weber: -

So begins this book of heartfelt and very realistic prayers about college life. Kerry Weber beautifully expresses all the familiar emotions, all the highs and lows, all the fears and dreams that every college student experiences. She learned early on in her own college life that she couldn t cope without God s guidance and she clung to her faith to see her through. She makes a compelling case for staying close to God from the first unfamiliar days on campus to the moment of graduation. This is a wonderful gift for any young person heading off to college.
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Prayer for wisdom, knowledge,understanding - studies/vocational life/ student life.

The college semester is upon us again, and at most universities the new academic year is either now beginning or has recently begun [1]. For the returning students, this means a return to familiar stomping grounds and reunions with friends before the courses really buckle down into the semester grind. For the new students, it means leaving hearth and home, setting out on an adventure of sorts.

5 Books Every Catholic Student in College Needs on Their Bookshelf

Center Street, By George Szews. ACTA Publications, Lee Upcraft et. Jossey-Bass, By Donna Steichen et.

To be frank, this post comes from the confluence of three things. I imagine most nerds like me had trouble narrowing this list down to ten, but I found it a fun exercise in self-reflection and nostalgia. Second, this post a couple weeks back proposed a list of five books that every Catholic college student should take with them to their dorms. Although the intention was probably noble, that list is hampered by a narrow understanding of the Catholic college student as someone who better be prepared to do apologetics defense of the faith , presumably against the godless heathens they will meet. Finally, by now, nearly all colleges and universities in the US have begun their fall semester my own institution started classes two weeks ago. And as students begin a new semester the first for many , I thought it might be worthwhile to bring together the two pieces above and make a list of ten books that I would recommend for college students who identify as Catholic or are interested in Catholicism. Of course, disclaimers: this list comes from my experiences, and thus is necessarily limited.

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As students enter their freshman year or return to their respective universities, I think there are 5 books that every Catholic student in college needs on their bookshelf. You might be asking yourself, are there really only 5 books, Tom? These books can help a student when they face persecution from non-Catholics on what Catholics believe. As I told my high school students at Savio two years ago, once you make the Sign of the Cross in the university dining hall or food court, someone is going to ask you — why did you do that and what does it mean? Trust me, this will happen before you know it! Defending the Catholic faith is called Apologetics. The word apologetics comes from the Greek term, apologia , which means to defend.


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