Famous story books for teenagers

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famous story books for teenagers

9 books to get teens in to reading - books teens will love

Books have the extraordinary ability to take us to different worlds through the eyes and thoughts of the main character. Their experiences soon feel real as we read on to see what happens next. Some books can leave you thinking about what just happened and even inspire you in your own life in different ways. These 17 books continue to make an impact with their messages and lessons that anyone can take away from them. A book about trying to live your life to the fullest when your time is limited, it's beautifully written and one of the realest books that also includes an incredible romantic storyline. In her debut novel, Emily X.
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13 Books To Read For Teenagers ! Book Recommendations

20 Books All Students Should Read Before They Turn 18

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I also have students write YA book reviews and deliver book-talks to the class on a bi-weekly basis. Without further ado, I give you 15 books for teens that they want you to read right now. These are books teens here in south London have been recommending to each other since school started in September. I guess that means I need to buy more copies! Hannah Baker has committed suicide.

No matter what age you are, sitting down with a great coming-of-age story is a pure delight. Some of the most iconic books of all time were written with teens in mind, so here are some to consider for gifts. Or, you know, you can just read them yourself. Like many of the books on this list, The Golden Compass is one of those novels you read as a teenager, and re-read as an adult with just as much enjoyment. This sweet book is about two misfits who bond over their shared quirkiness and love of music. More than that, it's about friendship, loss, and longing — especially when it comes to Eleanor, who lives with her family at her horrible step-father's home, and relies on Park to help her escape.

From classic coming-of-age stories to modern dystopian fiction, teens will Even years later, this classic novel offers insight and lessons to teens today. . Victoria Schwab is known for bringing magical, fantastic scenes to life.
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For lots of people, reading is one of life's greatest joys, but if - like many parents - your teenager has shown no interest in getting lost between the pages of a good book, The Reading Agency has compiled a list of nine brilliant books sure to inspire and intrigue even the most sceptical of teens. A warm and witty take on living with obsessive compulsive disorder, this book was recommended by young people as a mood-boosting read. Holly Bourne perfectly captures the messy reality of being a teenager. Buy it here. Topics range from friendship and feminism to relationships, ambition and building a meaningful life for yourself.

These classic books, by literary legends like Harper Lee and J. Salinger and modern novelists including J. K Rowling and John Green , will show your teenager the best that being a bookworm has to offer. Hinton set the groundwork for YA fiction when she wrote The Outsiders in high school. It's been 20 years, but anything new out of Hogwarts still makes teens go wild.

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  1. Here are the best teen novels, chosen by the NPR audience. In a thought- provoking, coming-of-age novel, teenager Charlie struggles to .. Popular, thoughtless Samantha dies in a fiery car crash — but wakes up the.

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