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Corporate Valuation, 1e

On February 1, , Facebook Inc. Securities and Exchange Commission to issue publicly traded stock for the first time, called an initial public offering. At what value will Facebook trade in the market? In other words, what is the value of Facebook? Operating income. Net income.
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Top 3 Corporate Valuation Books

Corporate Valuation: Theory, Evidence and Practice chapter 1

The purpose of this paper is to explain the rationale for integrating sustainability issues into property valuation theory and practice and to provide initial suggestions for valuers on how to account for sustainability issues within valuation reports. The authors emphasise the key role of valuation professionals and of the valuation process itself in achieving a broader market penetration of sustainable construction. It is explained that, on the one hand, property valuation represents the major mechanism to align economic return with environmental and social performance of property assets, and thus to express and communicate the advantages and benefits of sustainable buildings. On the other hand, it is explained that gradual changes in market participants' perceptions in favour of sustainable buildings must be reflected within the property valuation and associated risk assessment process otherwise valuers would produce misleading price estimates. The authors identify both the financial benefits and risk reduction potential of sustainable design as well as valuation input parameters that would allow these benefits to be reflected in property price estimates. The authors show that the main reasons for immediately and rigorously integrating sustainability issues into property valuation are as follows: more sustainable patterns of behaviour are urgently necessary to sustain the viability of the Earth's ecosystems; a huge untapped market potential exists for sustainable property investment products and consulting services; sustainable buildings clearly outperform their conventional competitors in all relevant areas i. Lorenz, D.

Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting. Firms and divisions which are not traded on organized exchanges are often valued without the benefit of market data.
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Corporate Valuation, 1e

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Click here to preview. We wrote this book to equip our students and practitioners - many of whom are our former students - with the current knowledge used to value companies, parts of companies, and the securities issued by companies. Our goal is to provide current conceptual and theoretical valuation frameworks and translate those frameworks into practical approaches for valuing companies. We present the research and descriptive data underpinning these frameworks and use detailed examples to demonstrate how to implement them, often using data from real companies. The corporate valuation course based on this book is one of the few unstated requirements for graduates of The Wharton School that hope to enter into the field of finance.

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