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The series is based on the short film of the same title [1] written by Craig David Wallace and Max Reid, and directed by Wallace. Like the low-budget short film, the series uses supernatural elements, profanity , graphic violence, and non-sequitur lines. Sci-fi veteran David Winning directed four episodes. On April 4, , Space announced that they had renewed Todd and the Book of Pure Evil for a second season, with principal photography being set for spring After encountering a cursed magical tome with a mind of its own, the Book of Pure Evil, which grants the wishes of those who hold it in dark and sinister ways they didn't intend, they team up in an attempt to track down and destroy the Book, although it has an unfortunate tendency to fly away after its magical spells are undone. Each episode revolves around a student at Crowley High using the Book to try to make their life better, though this usually results in chaos, mayhem, and bloodshed at the school. Todd and his gang then fight against whatever the Book has done, and try to keep Crowley High from being totally destroyed.
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Todd and the Book of Pure Evil - "I'm Gonna Slay You Todd!" - A Shudder Exclusive

Todd and the Book of Pure Evil is a Canadian comedy/horror television series that follows a group of high school students who confront the effects of a demonic .

Todd und das Buch vom Ultrabösen

Robert Downey Jr. Sign in. Freddie Highmore goes deep into the mind of his character on " The Good Doctor " as Season 3 takes shape. Watch now. A stoner metalhead named Todd Smith, his crushee Jenny, his best friend Curtis, and the geeky Hannah, search their high school for a mayhem-causing Satanic spell book, while being opposed by Atticus, the evil guidance councillor. Teen heavy-metal enthusiast, Todd, seeks dating advice from the Prince of Darkness, unleashing the fury of hell to win the heart of the head cheerleader. An internet celebrity and "selfie queen" reunites with her estranged identical twin after she wakes up to discover she's invisible.

The news comes as quite a shock, given the show's accolades from critics and fans alike. It was recently picked up in foreign markets like Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany, where fans were heard crying out "ingen! The show's creator, Craig David Wallace, revealed the news last night at the Writers Guild of Canada Screenwriting Awards, where, ironically, he was being honoured for his work on "Todd. Great writing, a plethora of zany shenanigans and an awesome cast including Alex House, Chris Leavins and Jason Mewes all helped the show attract a legion of devoted fans. US Edition U.

A stoner metalhead named Todd Smith, his crushee Jenny, his best friend Curtis, and the geeky Hannah, search their high school for a mayhem-causing Satanic.
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Bloody Disgusting!

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Frenzied fourths! Chris Leavins , with Crowley High as their episodic battleground. Of course. The perfect place for a Book Of Pure Evil to infect multiple vessels. Jenny picks up a vinyl record with the three metal dudes on the front who are outed as Ask Not The Innkeeper — a reference to one of their cryptic clues. This is all while Atticus Murphy Jr. He even has ice on hand when needed, which is used to keep Atticus Murphy Sr.

The book seeks out individuals who are sad, depressed, angry and frustrated enough to use it; even individuals who know that anyone who uses it will surely suffer. Most often people who use the book end up dying. Sometimes the Book changes form, presumably to accomodate for the wish. For example, in Todd's case the Book changed into an electric guitar. It has also turned into a killer birthday cake, shoe strings to help a cripple walk and run again, and a baby blanket for Brax.

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