Star wars books and movies timeline

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star wars books and movies timeline

Star Wars Timeline - Random House Books

The series depicts the adventures of various characters "a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away". A large number of derivative Star Wars works have been produced in conjunction with, between, and after the original trilogy of films, and later installments. This body of work was collectively known as the Star Wars expanded universe for decades. The company's focus would be shifted towards a restructured Star Wars canon based on new material. This is a list of original novels, novel adaptations, original junior novels, junior novel adaptations, young readers, and short stories in the Star Wars franchise. This list does not include journals, graphic novels or comic books, which can be found in the list of Star Wars comic books. Reference books and roleplaying gamebooks can be found at the list of Star Wars reference books.
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The Ultimate Star Wars Timeline

These books are part of the original Star Wars Expanded Universe, and follow an internally consistent timeline. New movies and other stories.

Updated ‘Star Wars’ Timeline Details the Order of New Films, TV and Books

The previous universe of novels and comics was wiped out of existence to make way for a more tightly controlled canon, but no one is wasting any time in filling in all of the gaps. The timeline, first discovered by Jedi Bibliothek , is part of the preview for the upcoming novel A New Dawn and it showcases when several of the new novels and TV shows take place in relation to the movies. So, what kind of stories are being told in each of these new novels? Thankfully, we now have in-depth synopses to share. In the war for control of the galaxy between the armies of the dark side and the Republic, former Jedi Master turned ruthless Sith Lord Count Dooku has grown ever more brutal in his tactics. Despite the powers of the Jedi and the military prowess of their clone army, the sheer number of fatalities is taking a terrible toll.

Lucasfilm has made it clear that only the films, the Clone Wars series, and everything that came after the fall of , are official canon. Anything released before this we call Legends, and is not canon. Here, you can find official Star Wars story timelines for both. The official Star Wars canon will not include anything from the Legends material, and vice versa. If anything listed in the Legends section becomes official canon, it will be moved to the appropriate section. Perhaps the greatest franchise in existence. Within the canon, there are many characters that you might want to read up on.

Delve into the history of the sinister Count Dooku in this audio original set in a galaxy far, far away…. Darth Tyranus. Count of Serenno. Leader of the Separatists. A red saber, unsheathed in the dark. But who was he, before he became the right hand of the Sith?

This page contains information about a confirmed future group of books. The content of the page may change dramatically as the product release approaches and more information becomes available.
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The Old Republic Era

Star Wars Comics: The Complete Canon Timeline

This is a simple list of all of the full-length Star Wars novels to date, in chronological order of when the stories take place. This list does not include most young readers' books or short novellas. Books whose stories overlap within the same timeline are listed in recommended reading order based on my own judgement. Big thanks go to Once Upon A Galaxy for helping me keep up with new releases, and Wookiepedia's Timeline of Canon Media for help figuring out some of the timeline dates. If you have any questions or feedback, you can email me at books yodasdatapad. The books Most Wanted and Thrawn Alliances from last year are no longer categorized as new releases.

It was self-evident that Disney would start new Star Wars projects after this buy. Since Star Wars premiered in cinemas in an amazing amount of extra canon material has been made. Books, comics, board games, videogames, cartoons, TV movies, a certain Holiday Special… The biggest problem this Expanded Universe material presented for new movies was the heavily detailed period after Return Of The Jedi. It made it impossible to make a new story without colliding with something already established. To be perfectly clear, the old Expanded Universe is still around. These stories are still available, but are now labelled as ' Star Wars Legends'. Also, the new canon still takes inspiration from these Legends.

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