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When you own an Amazon Kindle, the cost of supporting a voracious reading habit can get very steep, very quickly. Sure, Amazon offers deals on great ebooks, but waiting for a deal could take forever. Many titles can be had for two bucks or less, but it takes work to find the gems among the dross. What you need are some solid options for finding free, absorbing content to devour on your Kindle. And if you need a new e-reader, find one among our reviews of the best Kindles. Updated July 2, with additional resources.
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Can they overcome the sins of past lives to love again?

The best free Kindle books

Kindle opens the door to hundreds of thousands of affordable books. Whether you're looking for a great romance, an epic tale of adventure, the latest financial advice or anything else, there are books for every reader and every budget. And with the free Kindle Reading app , you can enjoy all these affordable options even if you do not own a Kindle device. To help you make the best use of your valuable reading time, below are top-rated free or cheap books in popular categories. Sometimes free books exhibit variable quality or do not support all the great Kindle reading features, so we recommend browsing the reviews and ratings from other readers. Or choose deals for limited-time savings on thoughtfully selected books. Happy reading and happy saving.


It's easier than you think to get free Kindle books; you just need to know where to look. The websites below are great places to visit for free books, and each one walks you through the process of finding and downloading the free Kindle book that you want to start reading.

A little light reading for the checkout counter, a serious engrossing work for the airport lounge, catch up reading for your school assignments on the train, or something to occupy you at the cafe. The fact that you can carry multiple books conveniently in a lightweight tablet gives you an excuse to put away your smartphone, at least for a while. Thankfully for Kindle owners, there are thousands of titles currently available via Amazon, Google Play, and from an array of other online sources. Never before has it been so easy to become a master of literature without trekking to your local library. To do so, navigate to your Google Play Book library, click the two dots at the lower-right corner of any title and select Download PDF from the resulting drop-down menu.

Finding free Kindle books is easy once you know where to look. And they make it easy to find the top free best sellers in the Kindle store, but beyond that they make it almost impossible to browse or search for the other 79, free books. Below you will find 10 ways to find free books that you want to read. The links below take you to free books by genre. It lets you search for free books on Amazon and Apple books using a simple set of filters. For example you can search for romance books that have become free within the past 24 hours.


  1. A list of free titles for KINDLE on Amazon. This list will be updated as new "free titles" are found or prices change. HINT: Download them when yo find them.

  2. A list of free titles for KINDLE on Amazon. HINT: Download them when yo find them - even if you dont think you may like them (you can always delete it later). Prices change somewhat quickly and you may miss out on a great free book.

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