What is the difference between blue and black book

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what is the difference between blue and black book

Kelly Blue Book vs. Black Book Prices Doylestown PA | Fred Beans

When it comes to buying or selling a car, it's important to take advantage of the tools available for you. Kelley Blue Book and the Black Book are two major resources available which can help you assess the price of a vehicle you wish to buy or sell. But is one book superior to the other? What are the differences between them? His only employee was his year-old brother. The name itself originates from an old registry which lists those of high society and was named the "blue book.
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Little Black Book vs Blue Blood - Chapter 106 [English]

What is the difference between blue book, black book & gold book car values in Canada?

As a thrifty car shopper, you may have heard dealers refer to a car's Blue Book value or learned of a reference guide called the Black Book as you hunted for used car deals. Both can be valuable sources of price data as you approach the bargaining table on your next used car. The Kelley Blue Book is more widely accessed by consumers than is the Black Book, which is subscription-based. But each provides a sense of how much you can expect to get for trading in or selling an existing vehicle, or what it would cost to buy one. The Kelley Blue Book is a car valuation guide for new and used cars from the consumer's side, supplying prices of cars based on the specifications of the particular vehicle.

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Roy C. Question: What is the difference between the two books, and which of the two has the most accurate overall prices? The prices might be different since the books are published using data from different sources and may be a year or so behind the current market. The books usually do not address values in gem grades except for the most modern coins and even then, usually the highest grade considered is MS From the stand point of coin value, the books are less about retail prices and more about relative rarity. One can compare prices within a series to identify rare dates and mint combinations. Actual prices may be a quite different when you actually go out and buy specific coins.

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