The polygraph and lie detection book

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the polygraph and lie detection book

Toggle navigation Home. Date: Oct. Much of the evidence assessing the validity of polygraphs, also called "lie detectors," is based on their use in the investigation of specific, known events such as crimes. In these cases, lie-detector tests can differentiate lying from telling the truth at rates well above chance, but they are far from perfect. The report concludes that the polygraph's accuracy is not good enough for security screening for two reasons. First, accuracy is almost certainly lower when the tests are used this way rather than in the investigation of specific incidents.
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Published 25.12.2018

Human Lie Detector

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Executive Summary

The Polygraph and Lie Detection. Mark H. Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education. The polygraph, often portrayed as a magic mind-reading machine, is still controversial among experts, who continue heated debates about its validity as a lie-detecting device. As the nation takes a fresh look at ways to enhance its security, can the polygraph be considered a useful tool?

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