Fantasy books with strong female characters and romance

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fantasy books with strong female characters and romance

Best "Strong Female" Fantasy Novels ( books)

Kick-ass female characters and fantasy books go hand in hand. Jam packed with adventure, epic quests, and destinies to fulfill, these 12 fantasy books with powerful female warriors will make you want to cancel your plans and spend the weekend reading instead. Add her to the comments below! The first book in a stunning new fantasy series, Merciful Crow introduces the dark world of the Crows, a caste of undertakers and assassins ostracized by the rest of society. Fie, a Crow, is fiercely protective of her ragtag community. When Crown Prince Jasimir passes away, Fie is tasked with removing his corpse.
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Recommended Reads Strong Female Characters!

Whenever friends lament that there are no strong, realistic female leads in fantasy literature; I am astounded.

Top 25 Fantasy Books for Women

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Want to escape from the ordinary? I have 12 female-driven sci-fi and fantasy novels you'll love to read, so be sure to add these new and newish adventures to your TBR, A. I have loved science fiction and fantasy stories ever since I was a child, and geeking out over great books is one of my favorite pastimes. I seize on every chance I get to recommend a speculative fiction read to a friend, so writing up lists like this one is exactly what I live for. The 12 sci-fi and fantasy novels on the list below are all recent releases, or are the first installments in series with new releases coming this year, so you'll have plenty to read and discuss with other fans of speculative fiction. No matter what kind of science fiction or fantasy story you're looking for, you'll find something to tickle your reading tastebuds here.

Some women want fantasy books that are different from those for men. Now, I know many women read the same fantasy as the boys and are fine with that, but for the women who want fantasy with strong female protagonists, fantasy that's not all about some hunk whose mission is to slay dark lords and sleep with as many women as possible while doing so, this list is for you. Why have I created this list? I've heard many women complaining most fantasy novels are 'boy' fantasy. Sounds familiar? You know, fantasy books with male protagonists, pathetic females whose sole role is only to be saved by the hero, and to be part of a ham-fisted romance. If you like that sort of book as a woman, that's fine.

I read more fantasy, so for the purposes of this list, YA fantasy has been subdivided. Urban fantasy has also been subdivided, since it can be harder to find female characters in the more traditional epic fantasy. Or this list of must read female SFF authors. Very cool! Try this new saga with Neath A.

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