Diatonic major and minor scales book pdf

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diatonic major and minor scales book pdf

The Segovia Scales : A Practical Guide | Classical Guitar Corner

The late Andres Segovia put the practice of scales into perspective: "The student who wishes to acquire a firm technique on the guitar should never neglect the patient study of scales. Many hours of frequently futile exercises can be condensed into one hour of scales. The importance of a book such as this cannot be overstated. These major and minor scales make frequent use of a shift finger for easy and rapid position changes. These scales also utilize notes in the upper register to enable each student to learn the entire fretboard. This book is made complete with Etude No. When played on the modern guitar, it develops alternate picking and cross-string techniques faster and more efficiently than other exercises.
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Diatonic Major and Minor Scales

Scales, Arpeggios, and Modes

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The chromatic scale or twelve-tone scale is a musical scale with twelve pitches , each a semitone above or below its adjacent pitches. As a result, in tone equal temperament the most common temperament in Western music , the chromatic scale covers all 12 of the available pitches. Thus, there is only one chromatic scale. Moreover, in equal temperament, all the semitones have the same size cents and there are twelve semitones in an octave cents. As a result, the notes of an equal-tempered chromatic scale are equally-spaced. The chromatic scale


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  1. We may take his scale set for granted today, but when he compiled and fingered his collection of scales, the young Segovia was demonstrating his visionary approach to the instrument along with an innovative courage that elevated our instrument to the concert stage.

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