How to fix a wobbly bookcase

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how to fix a wobbly bookcase

Betsy & Orion: How To Reinforce Your Crappy Bookcase

Bookshelves provide needed storage space for your books and keepsakes. They can display your diplomas and accomplishments as well as show the type of books you enjoy reading. If a bookshelf becomes unstable or wobbly, here are some actions you can take to stabilize it. Check to see if items placed on the bookshelf are balanced. A disproportionate weighting of books or other items could cause the wobble from one side of the bookshelf to another. Correcting this imbalance may help to stabilize the bookshelf without any additional actions. Organizing the bookshelf and removing books that are no longer needed may be helpful.
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how to fix book case

Securing a Wobbly Bookshelf

Because of the weight it carries, a shaking or rocking bookcase is unnerving, especially if the motion is back and forth rather than side to side. If you live in an earthquake zone, that back and forth instability can spell danger in the event of a tremblor. Side-to-side shaking is usually the result of loose fasteners, and you may be able to stop the shaking by tightening them or adding a back to the unit, if it doesn't have one. The safest way to stop back-and-forth rocking is to anchor the bookcase to the wall. Remove all the books from the bookcase and move it away from the wall. Look inside the case and find the screws holding the top, bottom and shelves to the sides.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. I just built this storage rack for my basement out of 2x4s and plywood. It is relatively stable but does have some front to back wobble. More than I would like. Is there a way to increase the stability of the unit? I've read something about adding diagonal braces but am unsure how exactly that would work.

Three simple ways to anchor your bookcase and keep it from tipping. Stabilize a wobbly bookcase on carpet by providing solid floor support, installing adjustable feet and by anchoring it to the wall studs. Options for stabilizing a bookcase on carpeting.
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Fixing a Cheap Bookcase

I really like how they look without the backings, but now they're very unstable and they sway side to side very easily. They room is carpeted, and the base molding prevents the bookcases from resting flush against the wall. I'm renting, so I can't remove the molding or the carpet. Is there a way to stabilize the bookshelves without using the backings? Would L brackets on all of the corners give them enough stability to not sway side to side? I keep the shelves evenly spaced and I don't move them around, so I don't mind if they're screwed in place.

Thanks for the great idea, now I know what to do with my 3 crappy wal-mart bookshelves! Looked all over youtube for this tutorial but never found it. I was wracking my brain, and thought doing something like this might reinforce my sagging OfficeMax. Thanks sooo much for a user friendly tutorial! Thanks for the tip.

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  1. Because of the weight it carries, a shaking or rocking bookcase is unnerving, especially if the motion is back and forth rather than side to side. If you live in an.

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