Filling and wrapping math book answer key

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filling and wrapping math book answer key

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Filling and Wrapping: Investigation 2.1

Give the dimensions of all the possible boxes you can make. Which of the boxes described in part a has the least surface area? For this problem, students can visualize a box and decide how many cubes are on the base layer, and how many layers high the box is.

Connected Mathematics: Grade 7 Help

One of the goals of Connected Mathematics is to assist children in figuring out as much as they can for themselves. You can help by asking questions that guide, without telling what to do or giving away answers. Good questions and good listening will help children make sense of mathematics, build self-confidence, and encourage mathematical thinking and communication. A good question opens up a problem and supports different ways of thinking about the problem; it cannot be answered with a simple "yes" or "no. This section provides examples of guiding questions.

PowerPoint Lesson: 1. All Answers are found in the Zaption videos. Zaption Videos: 1.
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Menu Quantile Tools. Main Menu. Calculate the volume of prisms in number and word problems. Use nets or formulas to find the surface area of prisms, pyramids, and cylinders in number and word problems. Model the concept of the volume of a solid figure using cubic units.

ACE Investigation 2: 4, ACE R Investigation 3: 4 — 6, 13, ACE Investigation 4: 15, 25, ACE Investigation 5: 5 — 7, If you are unsure, cut the pattern out of grid paper and experiment. This question gives students some practice with visualizing the manipulation of the flat pattern to make the 3dimensional shape. They have the opportunity to make this a concrete activity.

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  1. answer uses cm as the height of the triangular bases. b. volume: 60 cm3 ( This answer uses the same base area Investigation 2. Filling and Wrapping. 1 .

  2. Answers involving pi were calculated using the p key on a calculator. If students use for pi, All Rights Reserved. Investigation 4. Filling and Wrapping. 1.

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