Gandhi and the partition of india book

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gandhi and the partition of india book

Gandhi and the Partition of India: A New Perspective - Kamran Shahid - Google книги

The purpose of this document collection is to allow students and teachers to develop their own lines of historical enquiry or historical questions using original documents on this period of history. Students could work with a group of sources or particular document series which identifies a certain theme. Of course the sources offer students a chance to develop their powers of evaluation and analysis and support their course work. These documents can be used to support any of the exam board specifications covering the history of Indian Independence in 20th century for example:. In this unit students are required to carry out their historical enquiry and also make links between modern representations of this period of history.
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Mahatma Gandhi and Partition of India

By Mailonline India and Afp. Pakistani high school student Noman Afzal knows everything about how 'traitorous' Hindus are to blame for the bloodshed that erupted when British India split into two nations 70 years ago. Students across the border in India are taught a starkly different version of events, the result of a decades-long effort by the nuclear-armed rivals to shape and control history to their own nationalistic narrative.

The ill-fated battle for Indian independence

October 2, marks the beginning of the th birth anniversary year of M. Throughout the nationalist struggle in the first half of the 20th century, Gandhi played the most significant role in securing Indian independence from the British Empire. The Partition of at the time of decolonization displaced millions of people and rendered them refugees overnight on both sides of the newly-created national boundaries. It caused more loss of life and property, more displacement, more separation of families, more population transfer and a greater demographic transformation of major cities in the South Asian subcontinent, than the Holocaust in Europe during World War II. Gandhi was morally opposed to Partition and deeply anguished by the large-scale communal violence between Hindus, Muslims, and Sikhs, which undermined and contradicted his lifelong commitment to non-violent resistance against colonialism and imperialism. Yet, he was assassinated by a Hindu extremist on January 30, , in New Delhi, as he walked towards his daily public multi-faith prayer meeting that evening.

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Partition of India Part 1 - Know the facts, truth & reality behind 1947 division of India & Pakistan

Jump to navigation. When the All-India Muslim League was established in Dhaka in by leading Muslim figures from around the country, India had just begun to slowly transition to self-rule from the British Raj. Its initial strategy was to use the demographic weight of the Muslim-majority provinces in northwestern and eastern India, particularly the two large provinces of Punjab and Bengal, to secure larger Muslim representation in the legislature, in the executive branch, and in public services in minority provinces, where Muslims were most in need of protection. In the end, the partition of India, which the Muslim League later advocated, accomplished exactly the opposite. The separation cut away the Muslim-majority provinces from the rest of India, leaving Muslims in the minority provinces far more vulnerable to the will of the Hindu majority.

He had been sent to India with a specific mandate to find a solution and implement it before the end of June The Muslim League had decided to boycott the Constituent Assembly. The new Viceroy wanted to seek Gandhi's advice before he came to his own assessment. Gandhi told him that the best course would be to ask Jinnah to take over as Prime Minister and run the affairs of the country. If Jinnah declined, the Congress should be asked to shoulder the responsibility.

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