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james patterson and bill clinton book

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In an unprecedented collaboration, James Patterson and President Bill Clinton have joined forces for an incendiary thrill-ride, told with gripping factual accuracy only a former President can bring. Amid an international crisis, the impossible has happened. A sitting U. President has disappeared. And it could all really happen. I've been a fan of his for a very long time. Clinton's insider secrets and Patterson's storytelling genius make this the political thriller of the decade.
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The President Is Missing by Bill Clinton and James Patterson review – a presidential thriller

T he first thing to note is that the title is fake news. Thanks to a helpful slab of exposition by a geek halfway through, we know that this is really, really serious. Also, the Russians might be behind it, and Duncan might have a mole in his own ranks. So out of the White House the president sneaks: he disguises himself using makeup with the help of a famous actress friend as you do , before meeting someone who might be able to help at a baseball game. Luckily, he is being followed by the pros. The president is a super-decent bipartisan hero, an ideal mash-up between John McCain and, um, Bill Clinton. Like Clinton, Duncan met his wife at law school and has one adult daughter; unlike Clinton, his wife is tragically deceased and he spent time as a prisoner of war in Iraq.

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As an unprecedented cyberterrorist attack cripples the United States, the President must face an unthinkable truth:. And the only way to stay ahead of the shadowy forces tearing at the heart of America is to go off the grid, leaving behind his presidential protection. The President must go missing — and he may never resurface…. Set over the course of three days that shake a nation to its core, The President is Missing sheds a stunning light upon the inner workings and vulnerabilities of the American government. Filled with information that only a former President could know, this is the most authentic, terrifying thriller in years.

James Patterson is an advertising executive turned author who has achieved an industrial rate of production m-plus copies sold , often by using co-writers, but getting a former president on the ticket is his greatest publicity coup yet. The role of the protagonist inevitably prompts the reader to engage in a game of ticks and crosses, noting overlaps between Duncan and Clinton. The fictional president is a former governor of a southern state tick , shares a middle name with a great US leader Lincoln rather than Jefferson: tick , has an intelligent and impressive daughter tick , and faces impeachment proceedings that he insists are a conspiracy by opponents tick. However, Duncan is also a former war hero cross and a widower possibly making Hillary cross , two attributes that would have spared Clinton from being attacked as a draft-dodging adulterer. The report of special prosecutor Kenneth Starr into the Lewinsky business revealed that Clinton once gave his Secret Service detail the slip by removing a shoe that contained a GPS tracker; that moment of security truancy may have informed the titular premise of The President Is Missing , which is unusual among US political thrillers in including few scenes at the White House and none at Camp David. Unable to trust even his closest aides, Duncan, like Henry V before Agincourt, first secretes himself among his people, and then, like King Lear, sets up a hidden power base in the wilds. But there are other divides — over religion, immigration, sexual identity.

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